Baed is the newborn son of Braed and best friend Samuel. He's a major antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: Samuel's Quest. But later becomes protagonist after both are defeated.


After an dying Braed drops his son's seed/egg, he soon hatch, emerging into young, but grews to juvenile. He confront Samuel tolds about his father's death. Baed fighting Samuel really hard, but Samuel easily beats Baed hardly. However, he absorbs the water and making grow stronger than his father. Baed manage to attack Samuel for hard battle. Failing to attack Samuel and thown out into the water, but grew too much water by absorbing it. However, as absorbing too much water, he grown then shedding into an young adult and becomes stronger version.


  • Energy Slot: A standard ki to make an energy ball.
    • Energy Slot 2: An upgraded version of original. This ki to make a electricity energy ball.
    • Spiral Disk Slot: An version of Energy Slot which a ki to make powerful ring energy ball.