Full Name Barasia
Gender Female
Species Gynoid
Status Alive
Eyes Gray
Hair Black
Family Dr. X (creator), Bell, Brennin (sisters)

Barasia is a member of Shadowpuff Girls,she is the most evil version of Bell. She is a creation by Dr. X and played a role in the fanfiction of Griddles.she also appears in the comic "powerpuff girls doujinshi"

Black and WhiteEditEdit

Dr. X had created Barasia but she didn't worked so he threw her away, only to be found later by the Darkstar Council and brought back to life.

Barasia then looked up Bell and convinced her that her father was using her and that she should join her side to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. But Bell refused and wanted to attack her but Barasia had disappeared already.

She looked Bell back up at the Dreadnaut to convince her again but again she refused. When Bell arrived in the core of the Dreadnaut she fought her and defeated her and afterwards blew up the core of the submarine. Much to her surprise she saw that Bell had survived. She showed her face and then left.

Barasia went to Bell and Dr. X who just had discovered she was alive. Barasia and Bell then fought each other but got interupped by Montray who accidentely explained to much of their plan, so Barasia killed him. Followed by Kuwagus who wanted avange. Barasia continued her slaughter and killed GIR followed by Zim, who was saved by Samantha. Barasia then fought Bell again and defeated her and then afterwards killed her father, X. She then wanted to kill Zim but got hit by Bell who had survived, although she was badly wounded. Out of anger Bell fired a giant beam which killed Barasia.

At the end of the story Barasia was being chased by cops and the army in Megaville and was about to battle the Powerpuff Girls.


it is Bell's the black version Barasia. Barasia was eventually restored to operation, and her thirst for reaching the true pinnacle of potential turned her into the most vicious opponent the Powerpuffs and a reluctant Bell ever faced. Barasia's regime was eventually brought down by Bell herself, realising that the tampering done to her older sister was not her fault, but at the same time unreversable.