Beauty is a girl who goes to the same kindergarten as the Powerpuffs.She is a HUGE fan of them.

Beaty Belle McKillen
[[Bio hazard puff.jpg|173x185px]]
Her second favourite colour is yellow


6 years old. She is MUCH more mature than the PPGs

Eye (and favourite) colour

Cyan blue

Lives in


Love interest

Brick is in love with her


Brick Jojo,Blossom Utonium. Blossom is her friend, but Blossom can throw up a temper when Beauty is around, because she is jealous of Brick


Beserk Plutonium,Robin Snyder


Dark Blonde


She is stronger than the Powerpuffs,Rowdyruffs and Powerpunks all put together!


Beautiful-Brick, Baddy-Blossom, Cool,but Lame-Beserk


Female, a tomboy that is.

 The StoryEdit

Beauty came to the PPG's house. She played with the girls all afternoon, then she spotted Mojo sneaking in to the PPG's house. Mojo tried to throw Chemical X over the girls, but it hit Beauty! So she became a Powerpuff too. Only, Mojo put in extra chemicals, so if it had hit the girls, they would have gone to sleep and never woke up, which made Beauty very strong.