Bianca was a creation of project unipuff and the current apprentice of him, She is by far relentless and acts as the strongest of the unipuff's alongside their leader.


Bianca was first made when him broke into the unipuff labs and used chemical x alongside his blood to make his beautiful creation, Him addressed her as his apprentice and sent her off to hunt sown the girls her first act was brutally knocking the professor out then attracting all of the girls by causing chaos and killing many, With the girls lured bianca took them all on and started taking them with ease.

During the fight bianca actually defeated the girls with ease and stopped them from saving citizens resulting in more deaths, Later the girls managed to fight her off when bullet and bunny helped them take her down, Him still kept her around and even treated her like his child, Him sent her to villetown when she misbehaved, She joined the powerpunk girls and defeated momo jojo taking them back to her world.


Bianca looks like any other girl, She has a usual dress-like skirt, black mary janes and a headband on her head, Her hair is black and she has white pupils and dark red eyes.


Bianca is disrespectful to citizens and generally nasty, She is a brute to be reckoned with and due to him has become a psychopathic jerk who constantly attacks the powerpuff shown by her defeat she doesn't take losing very well and is actually not scared of him, She does not like her siblings or the rowdyruff boys.