Bianca Gaga, aka The PowerPuff Girl of Universe 714. She is one of the protagonist in CN: Elseworld Story. In this universe, a powerpuff girl wasn't made out of science in Professor Utonium's lab. But out of imagination by a small girl, named Goo Gaga (of Foster's home for imaginary friends fame). Goo imagined for the ultimate big sister. Which involved superpowers in the mix. And that created Bianca. Superheroine around Townsville, and the best big sister Goo could ask for. She is the sole female member of The Terrific Trio, the primary superheroes of this universe. Her teammates are of Dexter McPherson and Eddy McGee (Both of Earth-714)(Respective franchises of Dexter's Laboratory and Ed, Edd, N' Eddy).

Appearance -

Bianca has the physical appearance of an African-American pre-teen girl, with the permanent, physical age of 13. Unlike the powerpuff girls of other universes, Bianca's figure resembles that of...well, an actual human being. Which includes the appendages of fingers, feet, and toes. She has long, black hair, which kept under the pink crown-piece of her uniform. Her uniform consist of a armored leotard, colored like a rainbow, similar to the favored colors of her creator/"Little sister", Goo Gaga. Her eye color consist of the same rainbow color scheme.

Often seen in her hands, is her personal weapon: A rubber mace. Or rather specific, a mace made of many, multi-colored rubber bands. Providing a flexible and elastic weapon (Although unexplained durability). It is believed to have been imagined along with Bianca by Goo.

Personality -

Bianca's primary focus in life is to be the best big sister for Goo. Which is what initial sparked her obligation to protect the city of Townsville, in order to protect Goo. Although like her teammates, Bianca isn't exactly fond of being a superhero. She'd rather get the fights over with, and fly back to Foster's to spend time with Goo. She's so concern with Goo, that she suggest her universe's version of Mac to date Goo (as well as reject his advances on herself). While she is her imaginary friend, Bianca considers Goo as her "little sister", and ultimately family.

She's jovial and energetic....even on the battlefield. Her destructive behaviors is enforced by her desire to get the heroic duties over with. Her reckless antics often worsen when she is angered, which especially by any threat/harm to Goo or any other Imaginary Friends. She is best not to be trifled with when she is angry. She is very protective of the two.

When concerning those of authority, she tends to bicker and be uncooperative. Whether it be the KND or Frankie Foster (The Mayor of Townsville in this universe), she does not take orders well. The only authority she personally recognizes is the leadership of Dexter McPherson and the request of Goo Gaga.

Biography -

In this universe, Professor Utonium hadn't performed the Chemical X experiment. And a young Mac hadn't approach Foster's home for Imaginary Friends, nor befriended a young Goo Gaga. Goo hadn't ceased her hyper imagination, nor conjuring the abundance of friends. But among those friends, she attempted to conjure the Best, Big Sister Ever! And thus, the PowerPuff Girl was born! Bianca! With her superpowers, Bianca was able to be the best sister Goo could ask for!...oh, and fight the forces of evil, or whatever...

Conveniently (Or inconveniently), Townsville tend to be plagued with many chaotic forces and foes. Not wanting her "little sister" to ever be harmed, Bianca pursued to fight such threats. A few heroics later, the city of Townsville held her to the role of a superheroine. And following that, united was the Terrific Trio. Accompanied by two other heroes, Generator Dex and Empowering Eddy. Under government orders, they fight crime, and the forces of evil.....

But man, do they not enjoy it! Seriously, they'd rather blow right through the fights, head back home, and relax. Which for Bianca's case meant: Smash the baddies, fly to Foster's, and spend time with Goo (for she was an intern there). No harm right? Would simply mean playing a little rough...

Sadly, the team wasn't faced with the most positive of feedback. While the public still tend to praise the famous heroes, various forces of authority continue to scowl. And many have threaten to neutralize them at the slightest sign of instability. This had led to the creation of Project: Equality, a government countermeasure that could mimic the trio's abilities and take them down if necessary.

And a certain murder case wasn't helping either. Certain scientist were being murdered, and the forensics pointed to the trio as the culprits. The forensics concerning Bianca were the heat trails, matching her heat vision, and the pronounced heels (a woman's footprint). The Terrific Trio went about, doing whatever they could do to clear their names. And defend themselves from the activated Project: Equality.

Eventually, they discovered the true culprit to be Dexter's resurfaced nemesis: Mandark. They were practically outnumbered. Mandark's drone army, government troops, and the countermeasures, keeping the heroes occupied. Facing Bianca, was her designated countermeasure: D.Y.N.A.M.O (Dangerous. Youth. Neutralizing. Android. May. Overkill). A robotic android created by the KND, with weapons designed to counter his abilities. Bianca was nearly defeated, if not for the arrived assistance of Princess Morbucks, equipped with her own personal, power suit. Both were able to dismantle D.Y.N.A.M.O. , and carry on with the battle.

Once again, the day was saved. The Terrific Trio had cleared their names. But following, they cut off their connections with the authorities. From then on, the heroics were more freelanced than with government orders. If Bianca was busy with heroics, she would be found at Foster's, assisting Goo with the caretaking.

Relationships -


Goo Gaga - Bianca's creator, her "little sister", and her absolute priority in life. Bianca's absolute goal in life is to protect and cherish Goo. The whole point in her heroics, is to ensure Goo's safety. Bianca cherishes Goo enough to attempt of arranging a love life for her, which she encourages towards the Mac of this universe. Any harms, whatsoever, will send Bianca into a rampaging rage.

Dexter McPherson - aka the superhero genius, "Generator Dex". Dexter and Bianca do try to get along, but of course have nothing in common in their off-time. While so, they do cooperate as teammates in the battlefield, simply wanting to "save the day" and head back home in the headquarters. Ultimately, they do share a sense of appreciation towards their love ones.

Eddy McGee - aka the superhero, "Empowered Eddy". Eddy usually does attempt to flirt with Bianca, only for her to reject his advances. But they do get along, cooperating as teammates in battle, and both having a dry sense of humor. As for teammates in general, they see each other as equals. That said, it is where their relationship ends.

Mac Marquette, aka the KND operative, 'Numbuh 112'. Mac is the KND operative that tends to interact with the trio the most, acting as the correspondent between them. Whether on or off the battlefield, Mac attempts to flirt with Bianca, only for her to reject him. Although, she does attempt to redirect his affections towards Goo. He doesn't seem to take the hint. After the final battle, she has shown hostility towards him.

Princess Morbucks - Bianca's number one fan. In this universe, Princess Morbucks is not jealous of the famed PowerPuff Girl, and is rather, appreciative. She is the positive publicist for Bianca, and by extension, the only good publicity for the Terrific Trio. She is deemed an ally after the final battle.


The Gangrene Gang - In this universe, the Gangrene Gang has remained a criminal group that fights the PowerPuff Girl. The significant difference being that they're more of a dangerous threat, dabbling in the crime of blood sports between imaginary friends, branded "Extremeosaurs". It is for these types of crimes that Bianca holds a dangerous hostility towards them. In the beginning battle of CN: Elseworld Story, she had no qualms of using brute force against them in the raid.

HIM - while this universe's version of HIM does not make a physical appearance, he is mentioned off-handedly by Eddy as past situation solved before the story had begun. When describing Bianca's current moodiness, he made mention of her brutality from the intense battle. Her response had implications of HIM not surviving the battle, and that Bianca does not wish to recall of it.


Mayor Frances Foster of Townsville - In this universe, Frankie Foster was not the simple caretaker of Foster's home for Imaginary Friends. No, that role went to the Goo of this Universe. Rather, this Frankie became the Mayor of Townsville. She is one of the multiple authority figures that the Trio responds to. Bianca does not take well with orders, but cooperated. Especially due to Frankie's lingering roots with Foster's. But after the events of the final battle, Bianca has shown hostility towards her.

Gwen Tennyson, aka KND number 13 - The Gwen of this universe has the role as the Supreme Leader of the KND. She is one of the multiple authority figures that the Terrific Trio responds to. Like the majority, she is thankful yet paranoid of the team's power and behavior. Once again, Bianca may have cooperated, but despises orders. Bianca has shown more hostility due to the events of the final battle.

Powers and Abilities -

Super strength and durability - Bianca clearly has above that of an average human being. She is strong enough to induce severe damage to the likes of buildings and such. Not to mention able to apply enough strength to make a rubber mace seem deadly. Her durability allows her to take severe damage and shrug off intense injuries as if they were nothing.

Flight - She is capable of hovering above ground and traveling in midair. This ability can be enhanced by the addition of her super speed.

Super speed - She is capable of traveling at intense speeds, almost faster than the eye can seen. She has been shown to fast enough to cause a sonic boom. Her teammate, Dexter, has offhandedly mention that his equipment has measured Mach 2 to be her highest speed.

Heat Vision - Capable of firing beams of intense heat from her eyes. Said beams are capable of either destructive damage or repairing minor damage by forging them closed. Beams are given the odd coloration of multi-color.

Enhanced senses - All of her senses (sight, hearing, etc.) are enhanced to superhuman levels.

Possible Weapon Conjuring - It is the possible explanation of how she is seen without her rubbery mace at one moment, then appear equipped with it the next. She seems to be capable of simply conjuring the mace from nowhere, as if out of thin air. This ability seems to match the belief behind her creation, being a big sister constantly able to protect her "little sister".


Sexuality - While a minor note, and an unnecessary one, it is a trait of Bianca's personality. As stated before, Bianca constantly rejects Mac's advances, and attempts to redirect his attention to Goo. And questioned why, she claims that Mac "isn't her type. Nor her interest". Initially implying that Bianca is asexual, not interested in romance whatsoever. This could be enforced by the fact she dedicates her attention to her sisterly bond with Goo.


Trivia -

  • The reasoning behind this character, is to be the subversion among the gimmick for it's native universe: Rather than switch the role out for another CN character, but to switch the source behind her creation. Instead of the science from PowerPuff Girls, She was created by the imaginary nature from Foster's home for Imaginary Friends.
  • While most fanon's make OC characters to be African-American merely for "uniqueness", the reason behind Bianca's ethnicity is that she is created by Goo Gaga, who is African-American herself.
  • Oddly enough, Bianca is a PowerPuff Girl who does not enjoy being a hero.
  • It is noted that this universe's Princess Morbucks (Who has not pursued villainy) is her number one fan.