Same as the boys


Mojo Jojo


Brick, Butch, Boomer

Early LifeEdit

She was created by Mojo Jojo, at the same time as the boys. She received her name for the same reason Buttercup received hers. The reason she was there was there was a bit of sugar on the snails, which created her. She was ditched by Mojo as a "failed and stupid addition." Since Bitsy Revealed, she has hung with her brothers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She wears an orange Rowdyruff outfit. She has black hair with two thick cyan streaks, one on each ponytail. Her hair is done in two messy-looking ponytails, each of them reaching her sneakers. She has orange eyes and fair skin. She wears an orange baseball cap which faces forwards. It goes between her ponytails.


Mojo JojoEdit

He was her creator, but as mentioned above, she was ditched by him, too. She holds a grudge against him for this.


He didn't believe her until Bitsy interrogated Mojo in front of the Rowdyruffs. Since then, they get along for the most part.


She wishes he were less hyper.


She thinks he's okay.


  • She knows and can speak Spanish.
  • Her favorite flavor of gum is raspberry.
  • She is very touchy about her name.
  • She is the only Rowdyruff that Mojo actually named.
  • She was literally born chewing raspberry bubblegum.
  • Oddly, in all her appearances, she is counted as a Rowdyruff Boy.


She is a sarcastic little gum-chewer who has a lot of street smarts. She is a little slacker if it's anything but the PPG.

Special AbilityEdit

As the gum mutated with Chemical X, it gained abnormal gum properties. She can blow a gum bubble and set it free. It goes for a random opponent. She can also use her hat as a boomerang, despite it not being the proper shape. If someone were to pull on her ponytails, she would be a gumball machine gun, though only the Boys can do this to her.