• Punchcar63

    Everyone. I am working to play get her a new project called Powerpuff girls, the Mathemusical aka PPG2.,_the_mathemusical click the link to check it out. No rude comments please.

    If you don'the like it, fine. But I would really like some help with this project.

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  • Thaxander12

    Who deleted it

    March 3, 2016 by Thaxander12

    Okay last night I created team powerhouse but it was deleted..who deleted it and why?

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  • Igor the Mii

    Powerpuff Sluts is breaking the no sexual stuff rule. DELETE IT. NOW.

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  • Igor the Mii


    June 1, 2013 by Igor the Mii 

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  • Igor the Mii

    Yeah. im saying that the powerpuff girls show will have a reboot! but better than berfore!

    A new PPG movie will air on 13.08.13 (i dont know if this the true air time)

    See Ya!

    -igor0the0mii2,call me blast igor luan

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  • PoofFan93

    New Comic

    August 3, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Alright people, I am soon going to start a new comic soon, entitled "Baby Buttercup", Where Buttercup is turned into a baby by MoJo JoJo and Blossom and Bubbles must take care of her.

    It may not seem exciting, I dunno why it woulden't...

    It will be done in MS Paint and Photoshop.

    Hope you guys will enjoy it!

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  • Mega Bumblebee:)

    Bluebell/ Bumblebee is 12 years old in PowerPuff Girls Z form,but in Powerzpuff Girls form,shes 4 years old. She's 1 year younger then the PowerPuff Girls Z,and The PowerPuff Girls. And she's the RowdyRuff Boys' sister.

    In the original series,The RowdyRuff Boys Z were created by Mojo Jojo. But Blubell/ Bumblebee's story is way different. Blubell/Bumblebee was born Natsuki "Dawn" Shinkinka Yamada,with Kaito(Brick) Yamada,Riku(Boomer) Yamada,Shiro(Butch) Yamada as her brothers. Soon,their parents left them alone in the house to go somewhere,resulting their parents got into a car accident and died. Disappointed,the kids were alone in Tokyo City. Soon, a couple their parents knew came to pick the kids up. Turns out they only came to take Natsuk…

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