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Brick is the self-proclaimed leader of the Rowdyruff Boys as well as Blossom's Boyfriend. He has two brothers named Butch and Boomer. He is a villain who sometimes wins against the Powerpuff Girls. He is the only Villian to ever beat the powerpuff girls. Brick, along with his brothers, eventually fell in love with the Powerpuff Girls and permanently become their allies. He and his brothers were destroyed by the evil Queen Zarria. Later, they were revived by Bunny and Butterfly. He is currently voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • The Rowdyruff Boys
  • The Boys are Back in Town
  • A Ruff Time
  • Ruff around the edges
  • Bubble Boy
  • Boy Toys
  • Sugar Ruff
  • Sweet and Sour (Cameo)
  • Divide and Conquer (Pictured)
  • Shotgun Wedding (Pictured)
  • The Races of the Powerpuffs
  • See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
  • Ruff Around the Edges
  • Oh Boy!
  • A Date with Fate
  • Big Boys
  • Boy Banned
  • Custody Battle
  • The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

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