Brynner is a central character in the fan fiction "Bringing an End to HIM".


Real Name

Brynner Pescan





Eye Color

Deep Purple

Hair Color


Debut Appearence

Bringing an End to HIM

Appearence Edit

Brynner used to wear the standard Rowdyruff Boys uniform in a purple color. As he grew however, he changed his outfit to a purple and black fleece vest with black slacks and sneakers. His hair is long and brown, often covering most of his eyes, which are a deep purple.


Brynner is usually very quiet and vacant. His eyes are usually unfocused, but he will usually respond to direct questions. When angered he becomes extremely violent, attacking anything that could possibly be considered a threat, occaisonally even the people he's protecting, although this usually stops him.


Brynner is the fourth Rowdyruff boy. During Mojo's experiment during which the Rowdyruff boys were created, he was forced to improvise materials. After retrieving the recipe from Professor Utonium, Mojo replaced the Sugar with Snips, Spice with Snails, and Everything Nice with Puppy Dog Tails, all of which were workable replacements. The failing point of the event was the lack of chemical X. Mojo improvised with the fluids found in his cell toilet. The substance within had remained stagnant for sufficient time to become chemical X, but the concoction was contaminated by the remaining non-chemical X fluids. During the explosion of waste matter caused by the creation of the Rowdyruff boys, Brynner was sent down the drain. Brynner was fully conscious at the time, but had decided to sacrifice himself for his brothers, due to the haphazard nature of their birth. Rather than dying, Brynner managed to survive, being swept out to sea and being picked up by a fishing vessel. Brynner was adopted by the first mate aboard the vessel, who gave him his name. Brynner was diagnosed with several mental disabilities. These disabilities cause him to be almost completely unaware of his environment normally, but to become fiercely violent when angered. He lived with his adoptive father for many years, during which his brothers were killed, resurrected, enslaved by HIM, and eventually freed from their enslavement by their arch-nemeses, the Powerpuff girls. Soon after this happened, a monster appeared near where Brynner and his father lived, and killed his adoptive father. After slaughtering the monster and mourning for his father, Brynner began searching for his lost brothers. After two years of searching, Brynner was found by Blossom and Brick. Since he has been found, he occasionally joins in with their, now global, crime fighting. He tends to play defensive frequently, using his patent telepathic abilities to warn the others of impending danger.


Like the other Rowdyruff Boys he has many of the standard powers, but he also has the patented ability of telepathy.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Flight
  • Superhuman Speed
  • X-ray vision
  • Heat vision
  • Limited invulnerability
  • Ability to survive in space
  • Energy Projection
  • Superhuman Hearing
  • Enhanced Sight
  • Night Vision
  • Telepathy (Two-Way)