Created by Professor Utonium, Buttercup is one of the famed Powerpuff Girls. Like sisters Blossom and Bubbles, she had dedicated her life to fighting crime and the forces of evil! She is voiced by Elizabeth Daily in the original series, and Natalie Palamides in the 2016 reboot.


Name: Buttercup Coleman Utonium

Nicknames: The Toughest Fighter, Mange, Butterfingers, Butt

Species: Powerpuff/Huffpuff

Hair color: Black

Born: 8/21/2003

Eye color: Bright Green

Gender: Female

From: Townsville, USA

Age: 5

Allies: Bubbles and Blossom, Professor Utonium, Rowdyruff Boys, Sara Bellum, Mayor Mayor,

Enemies: Mojo Jojo, HIM, Vorpaxia, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Dr. Blizzardov, Snobtron 5000, Gangreen Gang, Sedusa, bliss Empire

Counterpart: Butch, Brute,Blake christen

Special power: Fire, wind, can curl her tongue

Personality and Traits

Buttercup truly lives up to her moniker: The Toughest Fighter. Totally merciless on the battlefield, she thrives on and in battle, possessing a highly competitive and fiery spirit. However, she can be extremely stubborn, rushing headlong into the fray and ignoring Blossom's orders. She can also be vindictive and mean. However, despite these negative traits she is not a bad person, and has at times shown a softer and more caring side, even finding comfort in her old green blanket and going berserk when it went missing (courtesy of her sisters). Recently, she has been more agreeable and cooperative.

Powers and Abilities

Buttercup possesses incredible (some might say ultra-super) powers stemming from the Chemical X running through her veins. She is titanically strong, able to lift objects far exceeding her tiny size and bring down monsters the size of and larger than Godzilla. Capable of flying fast enough to leave a light trail, punch straight through solid metal walls, and escape Earth's gravity. Can fire beams of destructive energy from her eyes. Also the only citizen of Townsville able to roll her tongue.