Butterfly is the seventh member of the Powerpuff Girls.She is voiced by Michelle Creber .She was created by Bessie. billy used to be in love with Butterfly, but not after he create a boy version of her. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Also, her counterparts is Black(rowdyruff), Blick(powerpunk), and Beam(rowdyright).


Insects, insects


Slug, worm, silk moths, and ladybugs.

Don't forgot some honeybees and grasshopers and flies and crickets and cat-tapillars and katydids and...


Oh yeah, andddd Chemical X.


omg omg omg omg omg i can't believe it holy cows dancing in the heavens.

- Bessie


Her name is similar to Buttercup, and she is tough like Buttercup. Unlike Buttercup, however, she is very wise .


Her powers is all transfered from her sisters, but her most special power is bubble shield, like when she cross her arm in the air and say " BUBBLES, GO WASH YOUR FEET" , bubbles apears and wrap around her, making a shield as strong as steel, but as light as feathers. This power often turns Bubbles frustrated, so she only whisper it.