About Edit

  • Voice: Cathy Weseluck
  • Age: 4
  • Ingredient: Slime

Likes/Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

  • His brothers and sisters
  • Doctor Ashton
  • President Buzzard
  • Sir Hologram
  • Performing experiments
  • Solving math equations
  • Opera music
  • Helping with homework
  • Rap music

Dislikes Edit

  • Villains
  • Crime
  • His experiments going wrong/being stopped
  • People making fun of his lisp
  • Being called stupid/dumb
  • Keeping secrets
  • Lying

Personality Edit

Clover Sky is a child prodigy; he is smarter than most kids his age, as well as being sarcastic. He speaks with a lisp, and usually has a stern expression on his face, though he does smile from time to time. He is not easily excited, but will become that way if something good happens. Although he's the most mature of the Candypluffs, Clover is still a child and acts his age. He can also be mischievous and fun if he wants to.

Contrasting most of his family, Clover is very honest and blunt about what is on his mind, and is incapable of keeping a secret. Clover, like his polar opposite Diamond Rose, is ironically very scatterbrained. He can frequently forget crucial ingredients to his various experiments, which can lead to devastating, though hilarious, outcomes. He also frequently forgets to look up while reading while walking, and tends to misplace his vials, test tubes, and chemicals.

Appearance Edit

Clover Sky has dark violet unkempt hair, and green eyes. He wears a brown shirt that has a black horizontal stripe in the middle, with white pants and black boots. He wears blue-framed glasses.

His sleepwear is a green night shirt with matching pants and purple socks.

His swimsuit is a green T-shirt, a pair of dark green trunks, and blue goggles.

Her winter outfit is a coat, gloves, hat, and boots, which are all different shades of green. His snow goggles have yellow lenses.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like his siblings, Clover Sky has super strength, agility, durability, eye laser, durability, and the ability to fly.

Green Energy Projection Edit

Clover has the power to project light-green energy constructs, which can take the shape of any science equipments (such as beakers, test tubes, etc.)

Trivia Edit

  • Diamond and Clover having green (Diamond's is teal) as their main color makes sense, since they're polar opposites.
  • Clover's hair was originally designed much like Feathermay's before changed to a more frizzy appearance.
  • Clover is the third most masculine CandyPluff boy, after Fizzypop and Rainbow Flash. He doesn't care much about his appearance, but he is shown to have a slight feminine side, such has wearing his hair (slightly) long.
  • He is the second-youngest, but the most intelligent of his siblings. Alternatively, Diamond Rose is the second-oldest but the least intelligent of her siblings.
  • Despite being only four, Clover is roughly as tall as Pinkie and Fizzypop.
  • He has a habit of giving the scientific name of an event or object, then calling it by its "Street Name".
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