PPG are killed. Then The GRRB (good rowdyruff boys) replaces them.

(note: if you are looking for creator, talk with Igor0the0Mii2)

Part 1Edit

Blossom : "Hello."

Igor : "Oh! hi blossom."

Blossom : "I got to Go. Bye!"

Igor : "OK!" :)

While Blossom was flying..

Somebody shoots blossom!

Blossom : "AHHH!" *starts falling*

??? : now get the B***h. *shoots blossom 3 times and Throws a Grenade on Blossom's Head*

Blossom was KILLED!


Igor And bubbles : "NOO! BLOSSOM IS DEAD!! NOES!!! AHH!"

Part 2Edit

Igor: I Hope we are safe.

Bubbles: "I Agree."

???: I can see you I will kill you don't get to close to the little bombs.

-shoots bubbles and Igor 5 times and trows bombs at both-

Bubbles and Igor was KILLED!

-goes away-


Buttercup: oh boy its a long day. oh my who could of done this?!

Part 3Edit


Buttercup: I hope I'm safe.

more coming soonEdit