Debura rage

Debura is the daughter of HIM and an unkown demon. She was created as a method of defeating the Powerpuff Girls to rule the world. She has two bodily forms: a Powerpuff-like form and a demonic form (pictured on the right). HIM can telepathically manipulate her to transform into her demonic form. She is actually a very nice person but becomes evil when manipulated by her father.

Debura has greater power than her father but is still under his command. She doesn't have control over her superpowers when in her demonic form.

Debura moved into a home by herself near the Utonium household. The Powerpuff Girls noticed how lonely this new girl was and became friends with her. The next day while she was walking to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, she overheard a conversation between the Powerpuff Girls as they approached her. Buttercup was angry at Bubbles threatened to kick her butt but Debura misunderstood Buttercup and thought Buttercup wanted to kick her.

HIM, seeing this opportunity to cause conflict, telepathically told her that the Powerpuff Girls no longer like her. Debura felt devestated. Her father told her to take revenge. Debura transformed into her demonic form and started wreaking havoc across Townsville. The Powerpuffs tried to stop her but their attacks were useless against her.

Bubbles realised why Debura is destorying the city and tries to calm her down. Bubbles explains that they do not dislike her. Debura forgives them and transforms back into her Powerpuff form. She then goes off to kill HIM with all her power for tormenting her so severely, but doing so also made her die. The Powerpuff Girls felt remorseful for Debura's death so they made her an honourary Powerpuff Girl and kept a statue of her next to their bed.


  • Acid-like saliva
  • Fire Manipulation (Pyrokinesis)
  • Heat Ray
  • Flight
  • Energy Wave
  • Power Blast