About Edit

  • Voice: Kristen Li
  • Age: 16
  • Ingredient: Glitter

Likes/Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

  • Her brothers and sisters
  • Doctor Ashton
  • President Buzzard
  • Sir Hologram
  • Fashion
  • Kindness
  • Going to the mall
  • Saving the day

Dislikes Edit

  • Villains
  • Crime
  • Spiders
  • Looking ugly
  • Rats

Personality Edit

Although Diamond Rose is the second-oldest of the CandyPluff Kids, she's not as serious or easily annoyed like Snowcatcher. She's the least intelligent. Her simple-mindedness sometimes annoys the others, such as not remembering the rules to a game or mistaking one thing for another (ex: confusing a banana for a boomerang). Despite this, she's very skilled at fashion designing, lock-picking, painting, and making cookies. She's also the nicest after Flittershy. She sometimes has moments where she's mean-spirited or rude.

Appearance Edit

Diamond Rose has pink hair and teal eyes. She wears a teal dress that has a black stripe in the middle, with white tights and black Mary Janes. Like Snowcatcher, she has visible hips. On her head is a pair of sunglasses. She is almost as tall as Snowcatcher, but taller than the rest of her younger siblings.

Her swimwear is a teal two-piece, with the bottom longer than the top and made as a skirt. She retains her goggles.

Her night attire is a nightgown that looks identical to her dress, but has frills and has no black stripe in the middle. She sleeps with a red sleeping mask with an image of closed eyes over it.

Her winter outfit is a teal coat, light pink gloves, magenta ear muffs, and black boots.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like her siblings, Diamond Rose has super strength, agility, durability, eye laser, durability, and the ability to fly.

Teal Energy Projection Edit

Diamond Rose has the ability to make teal-colored energy constructs of various items used for fashion designing, such as a needle and spool of thread.

Trivia Edit

  • She is scared of spiders. She inherited it from her father.
  • Diamond Rose is the second-oldest, but the least intelligent of her siblings. Alternatively, Clover Sky is the second-youngest, but the most intelligent of his siblings.
  • Her name comes from a G4 My Little Pony character of the same name.
  • Most of the time when she's walking, she almost always has her eyes closed, a big smile, and holds her hands up.
  • Diamond's main color is turquoise/teal. In reality, it's a symbol of trustworthiness and reliability.
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