Narrator: The City of Townsville, where Princess Morbucks Cames.

(Buttercup and Bubbles Cames)

(Princess Morbucks Cames and Close Her Eyes and walks)

Buttercup: Oh No... ...Not again...

Bubbles: It's Princess Morbucks.

(Amy Jacobs and Charlotte Cream)

Amy and Charlotte: Princess! Princess! Can You be our Best friends?

Princess Morbucks: Of Course!

(Princess Morbucks at Pokey Oakes School.)

Blossom: Is that a Reason when you where like a clown?

(Princess Morbucks gets Angry at Blossom.)

Princess Morbucks: GRRRRRR!!! You bab-!

Amy and Charlotte: Stop Princess Morbucks???

(Blossom gets Angry at Princess Morbucks.)

Blossom: GRRRR!!! You Sill-!

Bubbles and Buttercup: Stop Blossom???

(The Next Day)

Blossom: Is that a Reason when you wear just like a Pumpkin?

Princess Morbucks: Grrr!!! I'm Going to eat Up Stairs!