This is a profile of one of the fanon characters of the franchise.

Name: Julayla Beryl

Nicknames: Jules, Freak Girl (by Fuzzy)

Species: Half Saiyan/Half Demon

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Red

Gender: Female

From: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 16-17(same as Ace & Snake's)

Allies: Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium, Sara Bellum, Mayor Mayor, Gangreen Gang (mostly Snake)

Enemies: Mojo Jojo, HIM, Sedusa, Rowdyruff Boys

Love Interest: Ace (for a short time) before straying toward Fuzzy Lumpkins

Counterpart: ???

Rival: Fuzzy Lumpkins

Special power: ???

Relatives: ??? (father; deceased), ??? (mother; in searching for),

Type of Character: Fanon (Sailor Moon/Powerpuff Girls/Courage)


Personality and TraitsEdit

Julalya is kind and gentle. She is selfless and peace loving, according to Julalya's personality, she can be fun loving. But despite these traits, she's more outgoing and can be aggressive. Sometimes, she would get the most aggressive toward Fuzzy himself when he insults her.


Julalya is paled skinned, wearing a white button-up shirt, tartan skirt, black tie, black Mary-Jane shoes and a turquoise hair band, she has very dark hair and red colored eyes, she sometimes wears a black coat.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Coming Soon...

(More to Come...)