Complete List Of The Powerpuff Babies Episodes

  1. Meet the Girls: The girls are first created and beat up their very first villian!
  2. Time is Energy: The girls start getting weaker and weaker because they refuse to take their naps!
  3. The Legend Of The Super Diapers: The Professer creates Super Diapers for the girls to wear. At first, The girls are impressed, but soon, the Diapers start taking advantage of the girls and replacing them at fighting villians!
  4. Brute-rcup: Buttercup starts to mouth everybody.
  5. Baby Bottles: Bubbles bottle of milk is missing and the girls try to help her look for it.
  6. Blossoming Blossom: Blossom begins bragging about herself.
  7. Dirtier Than A Diaper: The girls meet Mojo Jojo.
  8. Little Ball of Fuzz: The girls meet Fuzzy Lumpkins.
  9. Scary Guy: The girls meet Him.
  10. Cry Baby Cry: The girls meet Princess.
  11. Scary Snakes: The Girls meet Sedusa.
  12. Greeny Meanies: The Girls meet The Gangreen Gang.
  13. No Problem: The Girls meet the Amoeba Boys.
  14. The Rowdyruff Babies: The Girls meet the Rowdyruff Boys.
  15. Toying Around: Mojo Jojo steals the girls's toys.