Aden, Ally, and Anister

Enemies: dogo gogo(mojo jojo)

        Evilpuff boys(rowdyruff boys)
        Roughy tuphcumbs(fizxy lumpkins)
        Blooblue gang(gangreen gang)

Aden(blossom), Ally(bubbles), and Anister(buttercup) are supposed to remind professor plutonium about Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Professor Plutonium was created by the powerpuff girls when Professor Utonium told the girls he was too busy to play pretend so they created a new professor. But some side effects happened during the creation. He grew tentacles(4) and has a red lab coat grey pants black shoes and grey hair( look like fusion plutonium from fusionfall). When he created the prettypuff girls he never expected to have given dogo gogo an idea of making the girls worst nightmare the evilpuff boys. The evilpuff boys are dirty hairy and everything scary. Dogo gogo is a 55 year old ape, who was created by professor plutonium as well. Her is the only genderbent besides prince toobucks. Her is a manly girl who has a very deep and high voice always threaten the girls. The blooblue boys are blue skinned teenagers who suck at being villains. Multiple times they were trying to fight the prettypuff girls at the wrong place at the wrong time. Prince toobucks is a spoiled child who wants to be a evilpuff boy. Constantly fighting the girls prince is not in evilpuff boys(anthony, andrew, and alex) intrest.


  • Dogo gogo is a ape who tried to eat Her.
  • the blooblue gang has,lost more fights than there age.
  • Her is a morpher who then morphed to a prettypuff girl and got Anister arrested.
  • Professor has been trying to make potions to give Anister powers.


Aden has the power to grow plants and the strength to crush rocks. Ally has the power to move water in mid air. Anister does not have a power but you then learn shes the fastest prettypuff.


Aden's signature color is purple, Ally's signature color is yellow Anister's signature color is red. they wear there signature color shirt, with black short and knee high socks with black boots. Aden has 5 ribbons coming out of the back of her head.


Citytown is where they live in this city they go to peachcreack commons preschool. There teacher Ms. Green is nice, Intelligent, and pretty.

Powerpuff girls

After the making of Professor Plutonium the powerpuff and the prettypuff girls have been having play dates. In many upcoming roleplaying episodes they fight dogo or mojo.


Mayor cucumber is the mayor of citytown. Old, and short. His age is 58.

Roleplaying episode one coming out tomorrow name: hide and go sleep!