Season 10 Is brand New episodes! Ms. Keane tried to stop mojo or Powerpuff Girls tried to stop. Powerpuff Girls eats Hot Dogs every much. Him Uses Princess Morbucks' Friends to empower than anyone? and Gangreen Gang Rejoins the Powerpuff Girls! and the other episodes.

# Title Summary Airdate
116a Ms. Keane to the Rescue! In order to not let their grades slip, Ms. Keane shoots down every excuse the girls have to go fight Mojo. December 31, 2008
116b Hot Dog Day Powerpuff Girls Went to Hot Dog On A Skewer. December 31, 2008
117 Enter the Entourage Him uses Princess' best friends to empower anyone they support. January 7, 2009
118a Attack of the Gangreen Gang! Powerpuff Girls Gets to attack Gangreen Gang to stop them.(Mojo Jojo Was Cameo in this episode) January 14, 2009
118b Bad! Buttercup! Blossom! Sedusa Tricks on Blossom and Buttercup. Then Bubbles to stop both of them: Blossom and Buttercup's Curse.(Him Was Cameo in this episode) January 14, 2009
119a Mayor For A Day Blossom Loves chocolate and gives mayor's Chocolate. January 21, 2009
119b Nothing New! Buttercup curled her tounge. January 21, 2009
120a Very Special Talking Dog!

Talking Dog Was very happy to buy sweats. After Mojo Jojo Got out to jail, Talking dog got his confess.                                                                  

January 28, 2009
120b Key Code? Princess Uses A Secret Room for code typing 4748.                                                                                       January 28, 2009
121 Powerpunk Girls in Town The Powerpuff Girls Felt Angry Of Powerpunks, For making snobbish Enemies February 4, 2009
122a There No "I" In the Leader Reconsidered To Be a leader. Blossom runs away with Spaghettihead with does not know her Purpuse. February 11, 2009
122b Knowing how to be a leader blossom learns what's to be a leader February 11, 2009
123 The Good Boys When the powerpuff girls was saving the world. they meet the good rowdyruff boys February 18, 2009
124 Oddpuffs In this awesome PPG and FOP Crossover. Its when the powerpuff girls meets timmy,cosmo,wanda and poof February 25, 2009
125A Blossom Saves the day

When Blossom went on her own, Imposter is a copy of blossom! but comparison colour... Hard to compare? Imposter colour is red not pink! During Buttercup and Bubbles While Sleeping

March 4, 2009
125B Sandwich Makers While Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup wants to make sandwich. But Professor is going to be the leader once a day. Will Powerpuff Girls Save the day? March 4, 2009
126 Blossom and Bubbles day out While Buttercup hates going day out with "Blossom and Bubbles". Meanwhile, Buttercup Beats out mojo jojo to make in jail. So the day is day-out so thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! March 11, 2009
127 Bunny Joins The Powerpuff Girls! While Bunny turned size normal-to-the-girls! So she rejoins to be here! March 18, 2009
128 Present or Past? While gone to Good or Bad future or... ...Present or Past! Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup lived on Present so they saw the signs of PAST so they went... the rowdyruff boys saw the sign of PAST. Good rowdyruff boys beat rowdyruff boys to a PAST so the rowdyruff boys couldn't goto PRESENT! So the day is saved so thanks to the powerpuff girls and ALSO!... Good rowdyruff boys! March 25, 2009

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Blast Igor