Season 11 is the season of awesomeness.

# Episode Summary Airdate
129 The Begining New Start! When PPG returns now they saw what's happening. December 24, 2009
130 Buttercup gets a chance Buttercup get's a chance when ever she gets it when she is good at luck machine. December 31, 2009
131 The lost trip to future When they used time machine they go future into: 9999 and They go "FUTUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Loudly. January 7, 2010
132 The Rowdyruffs and Goods ones when RRB wants to be friends with the GRRB they wanted to and tells PPG that they were friends. January 14, 2010
133 Powerpuff Rival!! Good vs Evil!! January 21, 2010
134 Day off to U.K. When the PPG and RRB want's to goto the United Kingdom January 28, 2010
135 Going back to the U.S.A. ( This Episode is Paired on the Last episode. ) Well anyways, They pack up their stuff to go back in time! February 4, 2010
136 Bunny's New friend Bunny has a new friend called: Karen who is 5 year-old girl who likes to play with her friends. February 11, 2010
137 HER Returns HIM's Sister when HER wants to see GRRB to get killed for tormorrow but the event didn't happened, when the PPG wants to attack HER. February 18, 2010
138 The "Prince Morgan" February 25, 2010
139 The Prince who wants everything March 4, 2010
140 Bubbles The 1st challenge! They do the challenge. March 11, 2010
141 Blossom The 2nd challenge! Same. March 18, 2010
142 Buttercup The 3rd challenge! Same. March 25, 2010
143 Bunny The 4th challenge! Same. April 1, 2010
144 Meet the Brock ( Bunny's Brother who wants to help too. ) April 8, 2010