Season 7 is a Powerpuff Girls season, after the series finale the writers decided to make a new season to bring the Powerpuff Girls back to popularity. The new episodes take place after The Powerpuff Girls try to stop the villains of Townsville from obtaining the Key to the World, which actually gives its possessor the right to rule the world in the series final: The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

Episode ListEdit

# Title Summery Airdate
79A Give Me My Pants Back Boomer Wakes Up Without His Pants So He Is Left With His Underwear So Boomer Has To Find His Pants September 2, 2005
79B Mirror, Mirror on the Wall The PPG enter a parellel universe where everything is different. They fight Jojo Mojo who appears to be friendly and explains that the girls are in Vilestown. Meanwhile the Powerpunk Girls try to take over Townsville. The PPG go back to Townsville and fight the Powerpunks. September 2, 2005
80A New Gangmember The Gangreen Gang had nothing to do when they suddenly encounter a girl, Viper, who is messing around and they ask her to join their gang which she accepts. With their new member they try to defeat the girls. September 9, 2005
80B Fuzzy, Cozy Home After a few days Fuzzy heard the girls were active again and decided to go check out in Townsville. He noticed the busy people and created a lullaby to put everyone to sleep. September 9, 2005
81A Courage The Cowardly Powerpuff (Part 1) The Girls Dogsit Courage By Eustace And Muriel And Le Quack Goes At It Again September 16, 2005
81B Courage The Cowardly Powerpuff (Part 2) Le Quack Captures The Professor And Muriel And Eustace And Teams Up With Him September 16, 2005
82A Hired to Kill Princess, who now attends the same school as the girls, had turned good until a new boy, Jake, appears in the class who she likes. Jake likes the girls which she doesn't like. She gets her new battlesuit on and tries to kill the girls. September 23, 2005
82B A Lovely Couple On a normal day at school the girls are playing with Robin who constantly looks at Mike. Blossom and Bubbles decide to make them a couple, meanwhile Buttercup has trouble with Viper who keeps stalking her because of her previous relationship with Ace. September 23, 2005
83A Who is He? HIM turned himself into a tick and jumped onto people to control them. He eventually got to people who are important to the girls and ruined their lives and blames the girls who fall into a deep depression. HIM then takes over Blossom and fight the other two sisters. September 30, 2005
83B Sisters in Crime Princess, still mad, is trying to think of a smart way to kill the girls and let's her daddy order two killer ladies, who are Viper and Sedusa. Together they fight the girls. September 30, 2005
84A Where's Octi When the girls went to bed Bubbles appeared to have lost her Octi and couldn't sleep. At night she sneaked out and looked everywhere. She eventually found it sitting in the park but when she approached him, he turned into a giant Kraken, and it seemed Mojo Jojo was created this monster. October 7, 2005
84B Imaginary Creation Robin also wants an imaginary friend, like Mike, but can't think of one so she asks the Powerpuff Girls to help her. The 5 find a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and begin their selection with the help of Mac, Bloo and the others. Princess also wants one after hearing the story but is too lazy to think of one thus goes with her daddy to get one, although Frankie tries to stop her. Mojo Jojo follows the girls and gets in trouble with his imaginary counterpart. (My Little Pony also makes a cameo) October 7, 2005
85A Bunny's Return In the girls' room the Professor finds a cloth of Bunny's clothes and decides to revive her again. She is reborn and looks like the other girls which they like and she helps them in fighting crime. But the girls do notice that when she fights too much she transforms into a muscular brute version of herself. Eventually Bunny gets asked to join the Justice League after defeating the Fuzzy Lumpkins. October 14, 2005
85B The Parallel Problem

Jojo Mojo, along with other, appear from the parellel universe to alert the girls that the Powerpunks are destroying their universe. The Powerpuff Girls enter the dimension and find the girls, teamed up with Mojo Jojo in a destroyed city. The girls fight each other and the monkey's do too.

October 14, 2005
86A Baby Buttercup While Buttercup was in the kitchen to drink something she accidently grabbed a wrong carton and drunk some experimental drink that had to be kept cool. Buttercup turned into a baby, which her sisters found hilarious. The Mayor called and asked to get the Pickle thief, Buttercup couldn't catch the thief after her sisters were knocked out. The Professor eventually came with the antidote and turned Buttercup back to normal so she could get the thief. March 27, 2006
86B Love Poison Professor Utonium was making a curing potion and decided to test it on himself but nothing happened. But when he was outside he started to attract all kind of ladies (even Sedusa). The fight about Utonium ended up in Mrs. Keane and Mrs. Bellum fighting over him. Utonium managed to create an antidote and the woman saw their mistakes. March 27, 2006
87A Mayor's Day It is Mayor's Day so Mrs. Bellum decided to throw a party and asked the girls to help. Only during the set-up Big Billy, Grubber and Snake interrupted and ruin the party, although the girls could defeat them. Later during the party Lil' Arturo, Viper and Ace interrupted but were beat up also and the party went further. The gang then all attacked at once but Mrs. Bellum was able to knock them off this time and wouldn't allow a next time they would interrupt. April 3, 2006
87B The Fourth Child HIM was bored in his house because the Rowdyruff's had moved out and lived on their own, so he decided to make a new child Viper. He gave her strong powers and stuff but when she was created she flew after she got too many commands of HIM and went out to mess with people until she met the Gangreen Gang. April 3, 2006
88A The Powerpuff Eds (Part 1) The Girls And The Professor Go On Vacation To Meet New Friends Ed Edd And Eddy To Spend The Week With Them But Mojo Fuzzy HIM And Morbucks Destroy Townsvile But The Door Says Gone To Cul-Du-Sac April 10, 2006
88B The Powerpuff Eds (Part 2) The Villains Come To The Cul-Du-Sac And HIM Is IN Love With The Kanker Sisters And The Girls And Eds Beat Them Up April 10, 2006
89A The Powerpuff Monsters It's Halloween so the Girls go by the doors to collect candy. Everyone is dressed up nicely and even the villains are nice and give candy. Blossom goes as a vampire, Bubbles as a ghost and Buttercup as a werewolf when they suddenly encounter the Giant Fishballoon who causes trouble during Halloween but the girls manage to get him back to normal and he thanks them and they enjoy Halloween together. April 17, 2006
89B Monkey's, Monkey's Everywhere Mojo Jojo again created a whole army of super intelligent and strong monkey's to take over Townsville. It's up to the Powerpuff Girls to defeat them and Mojo Jojo. April 17, 2006


bad or good future?

The girls encounter a lady named Shirley who tells them about their futures. She tells that Bubbles is going to be a professional dancer, Buttercup a bounty hunter and Blossom a mother of a girl named Mimi together with someone called HIM. (of course while telling the story you see how the future is).

April 24, 2006

New CharactersEdit

  • Viper Gangreen
  • Jake (one-time appearance)
  • Shirley (originated from Courage the Cowardly Dog)
  • Mimi
  • Samurai Jack (originated from Samurai Jack)

New Genderswap CharactersEdit

  • Maya Jaya = Mojo Jojo
  • HER = HIM (yes, he even swaped his own gender in his own story)
  • Prince Morbucks = Princess Morbuck
  • Fluffy Lumpkins - Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Acacia D. Copular = Ace D. Copular
  • Willow W. "Big Berta" Willows = William W. "Big Billy" Williams
  • Lil' Arcelia de la Guerra = Lil' Arturo de la Guerra
  • Sicilia D. "Serpant" Ingleberry = Sanford D. "Snake" Ingleberry
  • Grubbine J. Gribberish = Grubber J. Gribberish
  • Vector C. Daniels = Viper C. Daniels
  • Professor Jessica Utonium = Profesoor Jonathan Utonium
  • Mayor = Mayor (only appearance changed)
  • Mr. Bellum = Mrs. Bellum
  • Mr. Keane = Mrs. Keane
  • Silgamesh = Sedusa