Season 8 of The Powerpuff Girls. In this season: The Girls must protect The Professor's garden from Mojo using there new weapons,? Sedusa tricks Bubbles into being like her, Buttercup and Blossom must save Bubbles from Sedusa's curse and beat Sedusa, and more.

Episode ListEdit

# Title Summery Airdate
91A A Tree Story The Girls must protect The Professor's garden from Mojo using their new weapons. November 28, 2006
91B Bad Bubbles! Sedusa tricks Bubbles into being like her and Buttercup and Blossom must save Bubbles from Sedusa's curse and beat Sedusa. November 28, 2006

The Powerpuff Griffin

In this special Family Guy Crossover episode, the Griffin family moves into Townsvile while their house is being renovated. Unfortunately, their new home blows up too, and they are forced to stay with the Girls. Can the girls cope with housing this (insane) family, saving the day from the regular villains, and dealing with the chaos the Griffins bring, too? December 5, 2006
93A Party Day

Powerpuff Girls went to party room no.7, The Powerpuff Girls felt happy for it. Bubbles, blossom and buttercup went with Professor and met a new Powerpuff Girl: Bunny! bunny went with her 3 sisters with Professor. Mojo jojo and Fuzzy Lumpkins are ruined it! can the 4 Girls save the day?

December 12, 2006
93B Bubbles Alone Afterwards Blossom and Buttercup are fighting a Monster, then bubbles went home herself. She don't want to fight. And then Blossom and Buttercup are trapped by a Monster and Blossom and Buttercup cried "Bubbles Help!". Then Bubbles was crying for loss her powers. Bubbles gets angry from monster and hits him on the face, then Blossom and Buttercup are free. And Bubbles Saves the day! December 12, 2006
94A Mirror Rival of Boys The Rowdyruff Boys see the mirror Because they look different and IT'S THE Rowdyright Boys! Can Rowdyruff Boys Save the day? December 19, 2006
94B See Me, Feel Me, Thomas Powerpuff Girls saw a little person: Thomas. Upon smashed him by accidentally, Then Made Thomas happy and Later... ...He turns into a monster! December 19, 2006
95 A Sticky Problem! Powerpuff Girls saw the Amoeba Boys, Later when Amoeba Boys Has the sticky glue, Then the powerpuff girls is stuck! Later when Amoeba Boys Has sticky ran out for 5 minutes. December 26, 2006
96 Mojo Jojo's Revenge Mojo Jojo want revenge! Mojo Jojo to use some new powers and Girls tried to stop them. January 2, 2007
97A A Very Special Buttercup

Buttercup was the only one who stolen the tennis and the rackets, then Blossom and Bubbles are Playing Toys. Later Buttercup Tells Professor for tennis to play with rackets. Then Professor gone to jail Because buying some "Tennis Rackets!". After Professor got out to jail Police said "Buttercup's Falut!", Professor, Blossom and Bubbles was Angry at Buttercup. Then Buttercup Blames for Mojo jojo and then Blossom and Bubbles tried to stop her. Buttercup gone to jail to do 200 hours for punishment.

January 9, 2007
97B Decay Accidently Buttercup hits on Bubbles teeth by accidently, Buttercup felt sorry for Bubbles, By the way Blossom was angry on Buttercup because blossom does not speak. In School Buttercup Hits bubbles head, then buttercup said: 2 Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" to Bubbles and She(Bubbles) felt angry again. Later They went to the waiting room to make Buttercup hurt on the townsvile. Later Blossom said something funny. Buttercup felt sorry! Then At the end Bubbles sticking her tounge out and blossom grining her teeth then buttercup felt sad and drilling Buttercup teeth(Moral Decay). January 9, 2007
98 Becareful Bullet! Bullet got hurt by the rock. then the Powerpuff girls sent to Bullet hospital to make him feel better. January 16, 2007
99 Powerpuff and Rowdyruff 1930 Professor and Mojo jojo helped to make powerpuff's and rowdyruff's January 23, 2007
100 Puff and Ruff teamwork Powerpuff girls teamwork with Rowdyruff boys and beat up the Biggest Monster. January 30, 2007
101A Buttercup Leaves Buttercup Leaves the town. Buttercup Beats up the villans(Exculding The Rowdyruff Boys). February 6, 2007
101B Deep Freeze Powerpuff girls made Blossom new Ice Breath Returns and copies of everyone Ice Breath all! February 6, 2007
102 The city of clipsville 2 The Powerpuff girls rejoins the Clipsville Past 7 seasons. February 13, 2007
103A Slumbering The Mojo Jojo Mojo Jojo made the PPG happy and Powerpuff girls arent happy at all, Mojo Jojo says "Bedtime girls! thats IT!" he smiles. February 20, 2007
103B Whats the Small Idea? Mojo Jojo made the Powerpuff Girls Small and Professor made Back to Normal to save the day? February 20, 2007