Starlet and Graisha

Starlet when she was younger,wit her her natural hair color Burgundy and light-brown sharing an emotional moment with her mother Graisha Ambrosia Dewflower,"Grace".

Starlet Aqua

Starlet without her iconic hat on

Starlet Aqua is a dowed-eye beauty who is new to Townsville,She is of British and Ireland decent.

She is the daughter of a famed supermodel

Grashia Dewflower A.K.A "Grace",Starlet is born in London,United Kingdom and raised in Mayotte,Africa.

The full meaning of her name starting with her first name Starlet- a small star.,middle name-Aqua-Water.An aqueous solution.A light bluish green to light greenish blue.and last name-Dewflower- water in the form of droplets that appears on thin, exposed objects in the morning or evening,and full bloom

Starlet,can Speak ten languages such as:English,Nilo-Saharan,Irish,Ukranian

Latin,Roman,Mandrin,Cantonese,Thai, and Armenian

Starlet's appearance is very simple but very alluring,her iconic hat is white with blue and purple flowers and aqua blue feathers,and she has a black bob with a chinese bang,and blue highlights,she has a star necklace around her neck,has a white dress shirt(that is short to show off her her belly button) with dark blue buttons,with the shirt being unbuttoned to show off her laced braw with a bow in the middle of the braw(and a star and heart print on the shirt flaps),and she has studded belt,with blue and white shorts with star cut-outs on each side of her hips,and she has white long socks with gothtic lolita laced-up short boots.