This has been CANCELLED!Team powerplus are a team of four children made by professor Cynthia cog they will be getting a series involving their whacky adventures and funny moments


Professor cog had been jealous of utonium's achievements and wanted to make her own children ,unlike utonium cog had zero love and was only with sorrow and negativity ,she created element plus which made the diabolical little kids ,Cynthia cog had let them discover the powerpuff girls and had them do good..though they immediately encountered the girls ,disgusted they ended up going against them but only two times ,when they fought the 4 were killed by their powers being unstable causing them to explode before they did they apologized to the girls , though their dangerous explosion destroyed the mayor's house and damaged buildings

Cynthia was framed by her former ally doctor wynd ,she was released by utonium who made her a lab assistant..unlike others cog was given some sort of special bond by her 3 children which immediately lead to their remains being brought and immediately revived them ,unlike others thegroup wanted nothing but redemption which lead to them moving to a new city that needed help from devia's evil.

During another story the girls wished for more siblings so professor cog made them two younger brothers, Though they were far too interested in other things.


The roster includes four members all of which are equally strong

  • Bonnie: Bonnie is the leader of the group and was originally too commanding and more of a lier she later traded this to be forgiven and become a much better person, Her color is white and her element is passion.
  • Beth Beth is the wild tomboy and a sarcastic one originally she was a bully became more like buttercup her element is spice her color is yellow.
  • Bea: bea is the fashionable one and a literal neat-freak she is too obsessed with keeping everything perfect and neat ,her element is order and her color is dark red.
  • Blake: Blake is the smarter older brother of the bots and is also usually the one to first take action in a very violent way ,he likes computers and technology and tends to mess with things ,his element is smarts and his color is teal.
  • Brent: The youngest brother is very gentle nice and has a temper ,a REALLY bad temper, Brent tends to be embarrassed by his sister's and usually hates them for it ,he also likes candy alot his color is purple his element is sugar.


  • They are the first team to have three girls and 2 boys.
  • They are filled with much energy and can get tired out easily.
  • They have a few similarities with the girls but lack any usual counterparts besides team mails