The Powerblood Girls are a trio of hero's who were created by Fangessor Bloodonium. Bloodonium was an old roommate and rival of Professor Utonium. Because of their rivalry, he created his own superpowered daughters and Chemical love.


  • They look like the powerlove girls.


  • Transformation into to the moon
  • Super love hammers
  • All the standard Powerpuff Girl superpowers.


  • Not seeing pink
  • Not geting what they want



Meany is the self-proclaimed leader of the Powerblood Girls. She is mean and commanding. She does not contain the Necromancer's Blood that was used the initial concoction. She often has arguments with Bless. Her corresponding ingredient is everything cooking.


Lovey is the kind, girly member of the group. She cares about humans so she only drinks animal blood (she also asks the animals permission to drink their blood first). She's often the voice of reason in meany and bless's arguments. She can become the most powerful of the trio when provoked. Her corresponding ingredient are flowers.


Bless is the tomboyish, aggressive member of the group. She is very hot-headed. She becomes predator-like when she thrists for blood. Bless is the toughest of the trio (unless when Lovey is provoked). Her corresponding ingredient is books.