The Rowdyruff Boys are My Favorite Villains and Characters in the Show.

Ever Since their Last Episode Appearence Custody Battle From Season 6. they Told HIM and Mojo Jojo it Doesn't Matter who is More Eviler or Stupid or Whatever. so they Said they were Gonna Destroy the Powerpuff Girls. but i Hope they Obviously where Destroyed again? But at the End Of the Episode. Craig McCracken Never Told the Fans Or the People who Watch It. don't Know if The Rowdyruff Boys Did Fight the Girls. Since Then Through Out Season 6 They Were Never Seen did they Disappear or Something it's Weird Sometimes they Don't appear alot In the Show. like Some of the Other Villains. Now The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! they were Not Part Of Finding the Key to the World Like all the Villains Did Even Some Minor Ones Too in the Show. Now Craig McCracken better Tell Us why they Stop Being On the Show.