The Trinity are three transhuman superchildren, engineered from the daughter of a geneticist whose goal was to prove the viability of his research. Through a tragic incident beyond his control, his daughter was killed. He created three clones. But only one was needed to prove his research true.

Blood, Blaze and Biohazard feel themselves as true heralds of a superhuman age and wish to bring all manner of espers and the like together to form a new society. As they grow, so do their powers and influence.

The trinity


  • blood is their leader, gifted with abilities beyond that of normal humanity - a step or two up the ladder of evolutionary progress.
  • blaze is a multi-elemental, blessed with a wide array of nature's strength but cursed with their overwhelming presence.
  • bio hazard is a cyborg, incorporating technology within herself to dirsupt and disturb the lowly normals - often to her own twisted means.