The love Princess is a fanon recurring hero of the Powerpunk Girls. Her real name is Star Utonium.

She was created by Professor Utonium before the Powerpunk Girls. When the Powerpunk Girls were created, Star was ignored. She envied the attention the Powerpunks got from the Professor. Her jealousy made her steal Professor Utonium's Chemical love and run away to the North Pole.

She tried to drown herself in the freezing cold ocean there. When that didn't work she blamed the Chemical love for her bad luck and threw it into the ocean where it started to mix with the bubbes She accidentally drew the attention of a group of hungry arctic foxes who came towards her to hunt her. She stepped backwards and fell into the mixture of the bubbes and Chemical love.

When she emerged from the sea she got powers and new appearance. She killed her predators and flew back to Sownsville to get revenge on the Powerpunk girls


  • hypnosis
  • love song
  • ice hypnosis
  • love hypnosis