Vinni/V normal form

Vinni,also called V by the townspeople,is a soul demon from the underworld.She is the daughter of Mysterious and Demongo,The Soul Collector.Vinni has cream colored skin,Light blue short hair,and green eyes.Her clothes consist of a long blue jacket with white fluff material on the back,a short sleeved dark grey shirt,grey bottoms,nets,and thigh-high heels.All that shows from her demonic form is her red,curved horns and black arms with sharp claws.

When vinni is angered she will change into her demonic form.In demonic form she is very powerful.Her demonic form consists of her being a dark black with longer,curved horns,sharp teeth,reptile like eyes,a short spiked tail,and finally clawed feet.Vinni is also more bigger,about the size of a tall building.Her clothes are also diffrent.In demonic they have a loose skull belt,short skirt, and she now wears a skull bra only.

Vinni's husband is the androgynous devil HIM.They both are the parents of a six-year old daughter and the 'adopted' RowdyRuff Boys.

Vinni's main enemies are The PowerPuff Girls,Sedusa,and Mascara.She is not one to mess with,especially if someone annoys and messes with her children.Once The PowerPuff Girls defeated Vinni and sent her back into the underworld but after six years she returned.

Vinni is soon to have her own fan comic about her life.


Soul collecting





Loosing her family